• Axelrod: https://github.com/Axelrod-Python/Axelrod. An open source framework dedicated to the study of the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma.

  • orthomap: https://github.com/Nikoleta-v3/orthomap. A Python package to extract orthologous maps (in other words the evolutionary age of a given orthologous group) from OrthoFinder results. Orthomap results (gene ages per orthogroup) can be further used to calculate weigthed expression data from scRNA sequencing objects.

  • Arcas: https://github.com/ArcasProject/Arcas. An open source package designed to help users collect academic articles’ meta-data from various prominent journals and pre print serves.

I also have had contributions to other open source packages including sympy, the Python library for symbolic mathematics (read blog post).