The experience of Soapbox Science Cardiff 2018

Nikoleta E. Glynatsi · June 5, 2018

Soapbox Science 2018 took place in Cardiff on the \(2^{nd}\) of June. The aim of the event is to promote STEM subjects and more specifically the role of women by getting them to stand on a soapbox and talk about their latest discoveries! This year the event was located outside Cardiff Central Library and was once again a very successful outreach event.

This year speakers covered a vast range of scientific fields such as Chemistry, Biosciences, Engineering, Taxonomy, Earth Science and Mathematics. The list of speakers can be found on the Soapbox Science Cardiff website: ([].

The success of every event is due it’s volunteers and it’s organising committee. The event had a large number of volunteers, both males and females, from PhD students, to Postdocs and researchers at universities and in industry. The volunteers had a full day schedule with various tasks throughout the day, including being Dylan the Welsh Dragon, collecting feedback, counting footfall and inviting passer by.

A huge thank you to the organisers Helen Obee Reardon, John McCrory, Hayley Wyatt, Dhobasheni Newman and Jennifer Pike. You can follow the event on twitter @SS_Cardiff.

Finally this year my department, the School of MATHS of Cardiff University, did not fail to participate in the event. I myself have been one of this year’s speakers and my PhD supervisor Vince Knight was my assistant. A total of five other PhD students volunteered for the day:

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